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A Meeting For Worship

(What to Expect)

There are no special or reserved seats, just sit where you feel comfortable; some people like to read a little at first and there is a Bible or a Quaker book on the table, just help yourself. After a while someone may read briefly from Quaker Faith & Practice.

One or more people during the meeting may feel moved to 'minister'. These are not special people, at least no more special than anyone else, and if you feel moved to speak your contribution will be just as welcome as anyone else's.

Perhaps an explanation of the expression 'moved to speak' might be helpful here. Moved by what you may well ask? The answer is moved by the Spirit. The spirit of God, the divine spirit, the spirit of love, words are sometimes not enough but probably you have a good idea of what is meant. It is not that we think we want to say something but that we must say it, i.e. 'moved'.

Sometimes the whole of the Meeting will be silent all the way through and the silence is in itself a form of ministry by the Spirit in which we are all gathered.

The Meeting will end by two Friends shaking hands followed by any notices that need to be read out. Tea/coffee follows with a chance to catch up with what we have been doing and in welcoming any visitors.

Hope to see you there soon!

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